Betray The Silence - Ophelia (HD 720p)

07-Apr, 14:04 evilshik Modern/Core 1362 1

07-Apr, 2011 14:08 evilshik

If experience is just the name we give to our mistakes
Well honey, we've built an empire of failure.

Thank you for being there, tightening the rope to my neck,
Trying your best to bury me into the ground

I tried so hard to see the truth
Couldn't see thought these placed lies

This story was just an illusion
That I've created of you
Of you and I

Half way from home
This road is getting longer
This song won't last forever
Meet the end with me

It's been long enough and you had your chances
It's time to blow the bridge
leaving you on the other side
To see how fast you can drown
Если что не качается - оставляйте сообщение, я перезалью в ближайщем времени.
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